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Publishing and ePublishing

I am reading some articles about book publishing, eBook publishing, pricing of novels and so on and thought that some of you might find the links of interest. These blog posts / articles offer differing and often opposing views and so I invite you to read them, if you are interested, with open minds.

One Art, Please. I Have 99 cents. by catvalente (Catherynne M Valente).

99 Cent Books by Kevin Kelly (linked from novelr).

What Price, E-Art? - Getting value for work done. by alexandraerin (Alexandra Erin). This is where my reading and link-surfing started.

What Price, E-Art? - Vulgar money questions. by alexandraerin (Alexandra Erin).

My comment on one of these:

But 'people who lack the upper body strength to read a standard-sized novel' is a kind of specialized market.

… but there are a lot of us out there. In my case my reading-disability is not upper body strength but manual pain (hands/wrists/fingers) and I can manage to hold my Sony Reader Pocket (small like the new kindles) for a while or lean it on my pillow (or read on my mac) but can only hold a paperback for a minute or two and a hardback? Never.

So, for me personally, eBooks and web-fiction enable me to read fiction. At all. As someone who used to devour more than one paperback per day as a kid (and usually adult/non-kids' fiction at that) I finally feel like I am coming home.

As to price, as someone who is an undischarged bankrupt on benefits and DLA (the UK equivalent of unemployment and disability/SSI/SSDI etc.) free would be great but I know you authors need to eat and so I tip (crowdfunding FTW) when I can and buy as many eBooks as I can.

Just my 2p.
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