Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 03-22-2011

  • 08:13:17: #wakingup and, yet again, I forgot to log when I went to bed.
  • 09:05:27: It seems that I went to bed at about 2230 and was asleep almost instantly. 9 hours sleep or so!
  • 09:05:53: The moral of the story seems to be that if I go out during the day (we popped down to Brighton) then, even if I nap, I sleep all night!
  • 09:06:27: Then again, I can only do that every few days, not every day. It takes a few days to recoup spoons.
  • 19:29:40: Did some #wiifitplus and have played some #WoW as well as #knitting quite a bit and installing a new-to-me printer.
  • 19:30:15: Sudden #paincount=8 #headache though so #nap and #cocodamol
  • 19:35:40: Weighed cats on #wiifitplus too. Pixel = 11 lbs and Smudge = 7 lbs.

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