Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 03-13-2011

  • 01:08:38: Ugh. I need to build my meds for the week. I detest this weekly task.
  • 04:58:42: #builtmeds, #meds4 and ordered #repeatmeds x 5 (minocycline, propranolol, tolterodine, ubidecarenone & zantac)
  • 05:33:13: Off to #bed having finally made progress with my knitting redesign.
  • 06:48:16: #cannotsleep My brain will not switch off. It wants to knit and write and post photos and knit and design knitted lace … anything but sleep.
  • 12:00:13: #wakingup I seem to have slept better tonight.
  • 12:06:51: As I woke, my more recent old injuries were aching so I guessed it was raining. It turns out, on opening the curtains, that I was right.
  • 18:09:37: #nap #earplugs
  • 21:39:47: Woke up about 90 mins ago.

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