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I am seriously considering…

I am seriously considering shaving my head. In March. It is not even the summer yet. One minute I am melting, sweating hot and then, if I take off a layer of clothing or open a window, the next minute I am freezing, shivering cold. Yes, my hypothalamus and body thermostat are MonSter-eaten. That does not stop these random temperature fluctuations being inconvenient, uncomfortable and, what with all the clothing changes, exhausting. I have collar length hair right now (it grew during the winter) and so I am usually wearing a buff or hat to keep the hair back out of my face, anyway. So, if I shaved my head, I could wear a hat/buff if I was cold otherwise I could be free of my hair's tyranny and inconvenience. Yes, my mother would tell me that it will be a pity to lose all my lovely thick hair and that it will not look as feminine (I have never looked as feminine as she would prefer - well, not since I swore off frilly dresses as a child). Yes, I would need to keep getting it shaved/cut. Yes, I could just get it cut short *again* but then it always just grows long again.

I am also tempted to get a tattoo on my shaven head as well. Maybe I am less serious about that, though…



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Mar. 13th, 2011 12:08 am (UTC)
If your hair grows fast, do it. I buzzed my head for a while during college. I liked it. It was fun to pet my head. 5 years ago I started cutting it short again after having grown it out down my back, since it was too much work for me to wash it. It annoyed me how often I had to spend money to get it cut.

One time a few years ago I used the clippers I used to use to shave my head, thinking the longest setting would be long enough. It wasn't. I mostly wore a bandanna around until it grew out. I thought it would be like a supershort haircut, but it was more like a buzzed head, which I wasn't going for. My hair grows fast, so in 3 weeks it was long enough to look like an average bad haircut.

Moral of the story: if you want to buzz your head, do it. If you hate it, it'll grow out. Like you said, you're wearing hats all the time anyway, so it'd be an easy cover if you hate it. I found it to be a freeing and liberating experience the first time I did it, but it was more political (a radical feminist phase) and less about ease. If I were to lose weight and be as skinny as I was when I did it during college, I would likely do it again.
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