Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

I am seriously considering…

I am seriously considering shaving my head. In March. It is not even the summer yet. One minute I am melting, sweating hot and then, if I take off a layer of clothing or open a window, the next minute I am freezing, shivering cold. Yes, my hypothalamus and body thermostat are MonSter-eaten. That does not stop these random temperature fluctuations being inconvenient, uncomfortable and, what with all the clothing changes, exhausting. I have collar length hair right now (it grew during the winter) and so I am usually wearing a buff or hat to keep the hair back out of my face, anyway. So, if I shaved my head, I could wear a hat/buff if I was cold otherwise I could be free of my hair's tyranny and inconvenience. Yes, my mother would tell me that it will be a pity to lose all my lovely thick hair and that it will not look as feminine (I have never looked as feminine as she would prefer - well, not since I swore off frilly dresses as a child). Yes, I would need to keep getting it shaved/cut. Yes, I could just get it cut short *again* but then it always just grows long again.

I am also tempted to get a tattoo on my shaven head as well. Maybe I am less serious about that, though…
Tags: hair, ms

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