Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Uneven YOs! Help!

DECISION MADE: I am frogging this and going to make a much more plain sock. Possibly the Dead Simple Lace Socks from the same book. This yarn needs a plainer stitch pattern.

CIMG1627, originally uploaded by natalief.

One thing I am having difficulty with is that a YO before a purl stitch comes out much looser (being a YO and then a yarn forward) than any other YO (e.g. before a knit, SSK or k2tog). I expect that blocking might help with this but wonder if there is any other way to initially knit my YOs more evenly and am even tempted to knit the YOs before purls as reverse yarn-overs (rYOs). This is making the ‘trilobite’ motifs look very lopsided which is a pity.

[public-shared] Ravelry: natalieford's Gusset Heel Camo Trilobite Socks

Any ideas anyone?

ETA: Another thought/idea would be to not knit the YO before the purl stitches but to pick up the YO/bar on the next row.
Tags: knitting

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