Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 03-10-2011

  • 06:08:30: Getting sleepy at last so forcing myself to put down the knitting and go to #bed. I have at least done some writing today.
  • 06:17:30: You know those days when the weather changes every +/-hour? My #ibs gut is trying to do an impression of that day's weather. #colpermin #tmi
  • 06:19:35: … and so, while I contend with intestinal weather extremes and fluctuations, #bed is, yet again, a pipe dream. *splat*
  • 06:25:47: Oh, and, the mucous, gurgling cough has returned. Yay. Not. More #tmi
  • 06:26:40: Also, somewhere this month I mislaid 3 days on my daylog spreadsheet. I need to check it vs this natdaylog.
  • 15:03:43: #wakingup
  • 17:54:26: #nap Have done jab and meds and eaten breakfast. Will log them when I wake.
  • 19:49:10: Woken by Smudge. #wakingup

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