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[public] Seven Deadly Memes, day 1

Ooo this meme is an interesting one that I may just have to try and do, even if I don't manage consecutive days and/or finish it. Answers cut for navel-gazing.

Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.
Day 2 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires
Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.
Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.
Day 5 - Envy. Seven qualities you lack and covet.
Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.
Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.

  1. Knitting: So far I have managed to teach myself anything new in knitting techniques from reading blogs and watching videos online. I also love to knit and it is a bit like a smoker, I guess, in that my hands feel WRONG if I am not doing something with them, namely typing or knitting, whether my other multi-threaded-brain processes are busy watching TV, reading or paying attention to and holding a conversation. Also, knitting keeps my increasingly achy fingers/hands/arms supple and acts as physiotherapy in that way. It can also be meditative/zen/relaxing. I am proud of myself for each new thing I learn and for keeping at it. Even if there is still a sweater in the not-finished-knitting place because I still cannot work out the maths to do the decreases downwards on the top-down sleeve. Sorry hubby!

  2. Photography: Some of the photos that I have taken over the years are actually quite good, even if I say so myself. e.g. the one from which I took this Atlantic Puffin userpic. There are many more examples of my photos on my userpics page and my flickr account although these days I mostly take photos of the cats or my knitting (for Ravelry) because I don't get out with the camera as much. That said, I have thousands of photos on DVDs and external hard-drives that I want to get around to posting to flickr and LJ. Some of those are pretty good as well, but they are swamped by many that are merely mediocre so the sifting process would take me hours/days/weeks.

  3. Writing: I like my writing. Heh. When I was a child/teen I was never without a pen and notebook to hand and would spend a LOT of time writing. Short stories or scenes, poetry and just navel-gazing and angst-filled diary/journals. I like my "voice" and writing style. Well, who doesn't like their own stuff? I tend to not edit much because I usually edit as I write, forming sentences and word choices in my head just before writing )or typing) them down. I am a faster typist than hand-writer, probably because I was a programmer for ten years before the MonSter made me "retire" / go on "disability" (or the UK equivalent). I cannot touch-type, though, but am trying to learn in off-moments when I am not knitting, and when I remember. I look at the keyboard as I type which is fine for programming, audio-typing or writing from my mind but useless for copy-typing or those days when I can see less well.

  4. Surviving: I have come through a lot of cr@p in my life. Less then some but more than others. I am also dealing with the MonSter - having multiple sclerosis. I have spent years in 'therapy' (counselling) for the various baggage and cr@p in my past but am still discovering things (like I discussed in recent f-locked posts) about myself, my family and so on that are enabling me to progress further in my journey to deal with life. I have a lot further to go with this journey and a lot more to work out but I have, at least, progressed from spending my life engrossed in "why me?!" and "oh woe!" angst to being calm and contented most of the time. I now only get derailed when life throws an unexpected curve-ball at me/us because I still cannot deal with sudden change that is out of my control (which may be at least partly due to the MonSter).

  5. Compassion: I try to listen to / read people with compassion and do at least have pretty good empathy, both in person and via "teh intarwebz". When taking part in some LJ communities for abuse survivors and MonSter-owners this can be very useful and I learn a lot in the process as well.

  6. Pedantry: It could be argued that this is an annoyance to others and I am sure that it sometimes is but it can also be pretty useful to have someone proofread/copyedit your writing and/or correcting your assumptions. *I* am proud of my pedantry and knowledge, also because as my memory and so knowledge deteriorate as the MonSter eats away at them I still exercise them by noticing errors and so on in other people's writing and speech. I am/have learning/ed to use this to criticise less and help/teach more and so do now try to couch it in humour and/or gentle wording with a query about whether it is welcome (and an offer to delete/retract if it is not).

  7. kjjews - well, I have no idea what he meant by it, but Pixel has just typed that my standing on my keyboard.
    Self sufficiency / contentedness: I am not a joiner. I am an ambivert that borders on being an introvert. Most of the time, MonSter-permitting, I can be by myself for hours on end without feeling deprived or lonely. This may be, in part, because I have the internet and my knitting but I am sure that I would manage without those with the number of books we have in the flat and/or access to the library in town. Now, I acknowledge that these days I cannot go shopping on my own, drive or cook for myself most days but, despite having an amazing hubby that does these things for me (and to whom I am totally and immensely grateful), I would manage if I ever needed to live alone again (universe forbid!) because there are taxis, Tesco grocery deliveries and meals-on-wheels deliveries. While I seem to be noodling around in my head in recent days about feeling almost like an old woman in a nursing home, I know that is nowhere near the truth and I am calm, content, happy (when not shocked by sudden change) and at peace. What more could I want?

I want to add an eighth item to this list:
Philomathy: I constantly want to learn. As long as I am able to read about new things and/or do new things I will be pretty happy!

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