Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[fiction] Writer's Block: Following the leader

Please always remember to check the tags when I do Writer's Block - some of my answers may be fiction! I woke up with this in my mind in the middle of the night:

Let's say you're running for president, and you win by a mudslide. What would you change about your country and why? Would you make new laws? Paint the White House blue? Tell all!

When she was elected president of the quadrant based on her social care and justice platform, she found the local phrasing of the, "by a mudslide," idiom used in the media to be jarring and awkward. Back home on the blue/green Terra with its deep blue oceans and verdant green continents the idiom was more commonly phrased, "Landslide victory." She could understand why the phrasing had changed, all those years ago when humans first began living on the ocean-less planet where she now stood. The local equivalent of an ocean of water was a vast swampy, muddy landscape and the humans had to drill for water from the buried aquifers, 'rivers' and springs.

When the next day's media was filled with stories of a true mudslide, however, she was thrown into the deep end with regards to having to coordinate aid to the people whose homes where now covered with a 20' layer of mud. Thankfully the innovative early-warning systems had enabled all of the humans and animals to be evacuated before the slide and so there was a death-toll of zero. All the same, she wondered if the local idiom used in the media the day before had had some prescient and causative affect on her life and that of the locals on their brown planet.

"Sometimes words have too much power," she mused.
Tags: fiction, writer's block

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