Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Note to someone

This started running in my head as I laid down to sleep:

Note to someone:
Yes, you have aches, pain and tiredness as well. They are not the same as mine. Illness and discomfort are not a race to see who wins. There is no "worse", "bigger" or any other comparison. Even between two people with the same diagnosis, they are different people with differing pain-thresholds, backgrounds, experiences and mental outlooks. I am not you and you are not me. What works for / helps you (or your friend) may not work for / help me. The reverse is true as well. Just because you or a friend got over XX malady in a week or was laid waste by YY for three months, it does not in any way follow that I (or anyone else) should recover from a similar illness at the same speed as any other human being. Yes, all humans are similar. We are also all VERY different as is evident from the complexity of our DNA and biochemistry.

Jotted down in WriteRoom on my iPhone and then copied and pasted to the LJ app with minimal editing.

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Tags: illness, iphone, ljapp, thoughts

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