Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
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  • Wed, 12:26: Trying to remember the name/URL of a web twitter client I used to use that is not dabr.
  • Wed, 12:26: RT @mollydotcom: "The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink, and somebody to love you ...
  • Wed, 12:28: Ah hah! Brizzly!
  • Wed, 12:35: Watching and listening to a crow/rook vs. herring-gull dogfight.
  • Wed, 12:36: Trying to work out how to reorder the accounts icons/tabs in #brizzly and how to see the carret/cursor when typing in "What are you doing?".
  • Wed, 16:47: Given up on brizzly again. Would not let me post a similar tweet hours after the previous one which is the point of this account. :(
  • Wed, 18:10: RT @danteshepherd: Fascinating stat I heard at a seminar today: about 5% of the world's CO2 output comes from cement production.
  • Thu, 00:54: Trying out the new free mac @Twitter app from the new mac app store. Based on the iPad app. Like it so far!
  • Thu, 01:44: RT @s00j: My album #Mischief is up for this year's Rose & Bay award! (other project category) Voting & info:
  • Thu, 04:00: Does anyone know how to change the font face/size in the @twitter mac osx app? It is too small for me.
  • Thu, 10:52: "the league of reluctant adults: Pop Quiz" Ugh. Any esteem I had for 'Dr' Phil just evaporated. Sick.
  • Thu, 11:48: RT in hope of answer: “Does anyone know how to change the font face/size in the @twitter mac osx app? It is too small for me.” #twitterapp
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    Tue, 21:32: I have signed the petition calling on Boris Johnson's government to rejoin the Erasmus+ eTwinning program, so our children are not…

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    Fri, 21:27: I've signed the petition calling on @ sciencemuseum to drop oil and gas giant @ Shell as a sponsor for their flagship #climate

  • My tweets

    Wed, 11:09: NHS workers in Scotland will get a 4% pay rise. I've just signed the petition demanding @ MattHancock and @ RishiSunak give #NHS

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