Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 02-06-2011

  • 00:11:57: #bed burning up
  • 08:37:58: #wakingup
  • 09:14:40: Still too wobbly to dare the stairs. Sorry cats.
  • 14:13:51: #wakingup Woken by bladder again. Went back to sleep after loo break before. Hubby fed cats. Now EVERYTHING hurts. #paincount=8 so nothing …
  • 14:15:25: … so nothing new really. Joints, muscles, throat, back, sinuses, head, eyes. Guess I should take something, then.
  • 15:15:35: #copaxone LTU 1410, #meds1, #meds2, #cocodamol, also just took my last dose of #lemsip12HR. Pity they stopped making that. :(
  • 15:16:04: #StrepsilExtraStrength FTW
  • 15:16:29: Running out of those too, though. :(
  • 17:20:42: I hate the English language sometimes. I wish it had fewer mis-meanings and opportunities for misunderstanding and hurt feelings built in. ☹
  • 17:21:38: I try to be explicit and clear but people assume that I meant something totally different. I give up.
  • 17:30:07: I already avoid phones for potential misunderstanding and hurt (in both directions) but it seems I should now avoid email for the same.
  • 17:32:21: Also, keeping things that I am unlikely to use merely to remember and touch is apparently not a good enough reason, …
  • 17:33:01: … despite not having a functional memory of past events that involved them without said items. Here comes my dotage in oblivion, then.
  • 20:26:06: #meal1
  • 20:55:32: RT @natalief: "I feel like I am losing me/myself" I'm in quite a dark place right now. Being ill/feverish does not h ...
  • 21:17:48: Falling asleep again. #nap/#bed
  • 23:49:55: #wakingup again. Woke up coughing.

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