Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-31-2011

  • 00:24:55: #meds4, playing #WoW for the first time in days and #knitting. Gotta love those flight-point knitting-flights!
  • 02:09:42: #meal3 = peanut butter and banana burritos/wraps
  • 04:58:09: I guess I should try to sleep. Setting alarm for 0900 again.
  • 10:15:26: Woken by alarm. Trying to wake up enough for stairs. #wakingup
  • 10:20:13: Vision is very double. Overdrawn on spoons. #spoonie Weekend has taken its toll.
  • 10:40:00: Going to need to rest up this week coz hubby is away again next weekend too. Oh. We are clearing the storage unit tomorrow. #spoonie #splat
  • 10:48:13: So glad hubby does not have #ms too. Would not part with the cats before my life but they are hard work now my ms has progressed a bit.
  • 10:51:27: Actually I won't be free to rest up until a week on Wednesday or so. I foretell a lot of #Modafinil / #Provigil used in the next week or so!
  • 13:28:13: #copaxone RTU 1230, #meds1 & #meds2
  • 14:27:30: Done a couple of chores including one load of laundry and sorting more. Eaten #meal1 = DFGF english muffins and pâté. Need a break now.
  • 23:57:05: Hubby came home with a cough/cold/chest-infection. If I knew how to, I would run a book on how long it takes me to catch it. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

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