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From Twitter 01-30-2011

  • 00:23:18: …aaaand #wakingup again…
  • 04:52:56: Back off to #bed again.
  • 10:55:55: #wakingup to #alarm (0900), #meal1 DFGF english muffins + pâté, #meds1 & #meds2, #copaxone LTU 1000.
  • 13:08:52: In the mood to go out and do a bit of shopping (need a few food items) - SUNNY! Pity it is Sunday. Don't know how the busses run on Sundays.
  • 14:33:14: Slipped getting into bath for shower - non-slip suction mat slipped and suction grab bar came off and hit me in the forehead.
  • 14:34:08: Change of plan. Standing flannel wash with cold water (hot tap in bathroom sink never gets hot because of low water pressure).
  • 14:34:27: Will have to wait for hubby to get home so I can wash my hair. ;-/
  • 14:48:18: Put laundry load on (knickers and towels#1). Hobbled out to retrieve our wheelie-bin from the kerb with my walking stick. Nobody had helped.
  • 17:27:54: #meal2 was houmous with carrot, celery and apple crudités, also DFGF pitta. About an hour ago. Sleepy now. #nap
  • 17:45:41: Glad my bed is at the back. Untaxed Fiesta parked in front has been moved and its car alarm is going off. Incessantly. #earplugs
  • 19:59:46: #wakingup - well, woken by Smudge who deems it noms tiem! Well, she will have to wait until I am awake enough for the stairs…
  • 20:00:20: @nobleday Landlord would rather not.
  • 20:48:11: Just realised (whilst still not properly awake) that I must have fallen asleep as soon as I laid down for my nap because I forgot earplugs.
  • 20:48:37: Smudge would not have been able to wake me up as easily had I been wearing earplugs. ;-p
  • 21:17:08: #cocodamol Forehead is sore. OKay, let's try the stairs, then, cats…
  • 21:27:17: #fedcats 1 of n. I am definitely having a ENOSPOONS and EINFINITELYCLUMSY day.

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