Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Sleep, the MonSter and finances

Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The disorder is an invisible disability and "is extremely debilitating in that it is incompatible with most social and professional obligations."

I have pretty unusual sleep. I have been wondering recently, however, if I operate on a non-24-hour sleep cycle. Mine seems more like 36 hours. Then again it also fluctuates. I have said before that I am most alert and functional during the quiet darkness hours but I can be as functional/productive when there is daylight as long as it is not too bright (like right now - a gloomy, maybe about to rain, overcast day). Bright daylight may be good for my vitamin D levels (I actually take a decent dose of Vit D3 as a supplement every day because it iads Calcium uptake and is good for mood and indicated as useful for PwMS), but it often also triggers headaches and sometimes migranes. I thrive in dusky twilight or darkness with artificial light.

Another sleep-related syndrome that I have refered to in the past is for Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome:

While I identify with both syndome's symptomatic descriptions, I do not have a diagnosis for either and the truth may be closer to something along the lines of, "the MonSter (MS, multiple sclerosis) is fairly rooted in cognitive symptoms for me and so it is no wonder that my sleep is all weird." Basically, with these underlying cyclic strangenesses, I sleep when my body tells me that I need to SLEEP! NOW! and stay awake doing things when I am awake enough to do so. There is so much that I still want to do in my life (knitting, writing, painting/drawing, reading, photography, etc.) that I begrudge having to sleep at all but do not resist sleep when my body is insistent - it knows best. I guess that I am 'lucky' to have the MonSter, in some ways, because I have the 'luxury' of not having to / being able to work (or earn money) and so I can spend as much of my waking hrous as I am able doing the things that I love. If only I could find a way to make money from living like this - without the likelyhood of having deadlines or comissions that would stress me out (self-fulfillingly worrying about getting ill and so not finishing). Within certain limits I can earn/work a little and not lose any benefits. I maybe just need someone else to do the business side of things that my MonSter-eaten brain fails to cope with; listings on etsy/folksy, posting stuff out and so on.

So, in this time when we may end up needing to move, AGAIN, due to lack of pennies to pay bills and rent with potential eviction and other such stress, and bearing the above wibble about my MonSter and my sleep!fail;

Can anyone think of a way that I could maybe earn some cash / paypal?
Tags: finances, monster, ms, sleep

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