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From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 00:54:44: RT @natalief: Mmmmmm nom - http://moby.to/g8fua2
  • 01:08:04: Feeling pretty numb. That probably means 'depressed', I guess. My usual reaction is to close down.
  • 01:08:37: Also keep getting the tingly-shivery-sick-shivery-sweat-panic feel. And the almost crying but numb. Yeah, depression setting in.
  • 01:33:44: ideation hurts
    living hurts much more though but
    that way others don't
  • 03:16:39: Off to #bed again.
  • 09:55:57: #wakingup Earlier today. Cats'll be pleased.
  • 10:31:59: Just managing to get out of bed.
  • 10:34:57: @gwenzilla *hugs*
  • 11:03:00: Feeding cats 1 of n. Sitting in kitchen with Alpro yog between phases so I don't have to climb up and down stairs.
  • 12:43:17: Non-feelings-facts-only-tweet: need to go downstairs and get jabs out of fridge. Then need to remember to do jab and take meds.
  • 12:47:44: Non-feelings-facts-only-tweet: Can't do jab until 1330 - 20 hours after yesterdays. Got them out fridge to warm up, at least.
  • 12:53:16: Non-feelings-facts-only-tweet: cutting/filing fingernails after breaking one.
  • 12:54:43: Non-feelings-facts-only-tweet: Deleting some of my unfortunately worded tweets. Backup made, ofc.
  • 13:02:03: Wondering if I need another, protected / non-public twitter account to log how I am doing.
  • 13:22:08: Was going to "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS" but I have realised a total lack of spoons so may sleep instead. Phone will be on though. #spoonie
  • 13:23:12: Taking #meds1 & #meds2. Hopefully the Citalopram might help a little.
  • 13:26:48: #nap
  • 13:32:20: Return of the <s>mac</s>#migraine. #paincount=8.
  • 15:46:12: #wakingup #paincount=5 so sleep and meds helped.
  • 15:55:13: Visual non-pain affects of #migraine are still with me, though.
  • 18:07:58: Okay, back on Twitter again. Hubby is home now. I hate when we have a misunderstanding at distance. It is all as okay as it can be now.

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