Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-23-2011

  • 02:39:05: Off to #bed.
  • 10:05:19: #wakingup to hungry cats.
  • 11:12:39: #fedcats 3 of n. Put dishwasher on. Going to watch some TV and knit. May go back to bed.
  • 13:01:50: I hate PTSD triggers and panic attacks. Just sayin'. Now have splitting headache. #cocodamol
  • 13:02:41: Wish when things go okay they would stay okay and not fall apart two and a bit years later coz I get ill and can't keep on top of stuff. #ms
  • 13:40:55: #paincount=8 Hope the cocodamol works soon. Trying to #nap.
  • 13:44:31: Just wish the phone would stop ringing. Especially someone that takes 1,000,000 spoons to talk to or be near. Now trying to nap…
  • 13:45:04: … trying to nap knowing I have a spoon-requiring voicemail to listen to. *sigh*
  • 13:46:05: Make that "2+" spoon-requiring-voicemails according to my iPhone. *splat*
  • 13:50:56: Can't calm down enough to sleep. Tinking the errors in Bulky/chunky double-knitting instead. For now.
  • 13:58:06: Is it just me or is pain worse when triggered/panicking? Related: have just got an invite to
  • 14:08:08: chills-sweats-panic-shivers-numb
  • 14:13:38: Giving up tinking - making a worse mess. Another try at the duvet.
  • 14:26:58: Headache is now migraine. iPhone now in airplane plus wifi so MAYBE I can try to sleep it off? If only the codeine would kick in…
  • 17:28:29: I seem to have managed to sleep for a couple of hours. Sadly, I seem to have woken up and failed to stay asleep forever. #wakingup
  • 17:29:57: @gwenzilla To which bit? *sigh* Life is such a PITA sometimes, isn't it…
  • 17:44:43: #migraine not much better
    seeing flashes/splashes of light/colour
  • 22:44:59: Pondering attempting to assemble an omelette.
  • 22:46:49: Emptied dishwasher.

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