Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

BBC News E-mail Services- OI! NO!!!

You are currently subscribed to the following e-mails:

BBC Daily E-mail
Owing to technical problems we have suspended the Daily E-mail service. We are currently working on a fix and aim to resume the service as soon as possible

(source: BBC E-mail Services)

Right, so, the last Daily E-mail I got from the bbc news site was on July 15th. When I red this information (which has not been changed/updated since then) I read it to mean that there was a relatively minor technical problem that would take a few hours or days to fix. That is what is usually meant by the words "Owing to technical problems" and "resume the service as soon as possible" in my experience as a programmer and QA.

Does "resume the service as soon as possible" sound like it will take SIX MONTHS to you?! At least tell us the truth if you are not intending to fix the service and/or do not know when you will be able to do so rather than make it sound like the fix is imminent?!
Tags: bad customer service, bbc news, bugreport

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