Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-16-2011

  • 03:18:57: It is 20 past two in the morning and I can hear "them downstairs" talking. Maybe they are in the garden.
  • 07:32:09: Trying to drink peppermint tea to help my dry mouth and ease my sore throat a little. Water, too. Occasional DrPepper. But then, of course …
  • 07:33:05: … of course, I choke and then a coughing jag is triggered. Yes, I have been up all night again. I am #wideawake and not sleepy. *sigh*
  • 07:58:33: You'd think by now that when I tweet about still being #wideawake and having been awake all night that I'd think to check if I took my meds?
  • 07:58:41: #meds4
  • 09:16:49: Starting to feel woozy. Still not sleepy but fatigued enough that I would probably drop off if I laid down. Better feed the cats, though.
  • 09:54:16: Cats are eating their first lot. Almost toppled into their bowls as I bent to put them on the floor. Not sleepy but need to sleep methinks.
  • 10:01:42: Hubby's awake so he'll feed the cats the rest. #bed
  • 17:02:59: #wakingup There's still some daylight!
  • 17:36:28: #copaxone RL 1630 and now taking #meds1 & #meds2
  • 19:13:37: #meal1
  • 19:13:59: #meal1 = DFGF english muffins and peanut butter

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