Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[updated] I have an urge

I have an urge to knit an earflap hat using 4ply sock yarn and the double-knitting technique so that it is double thickness. Either that or just a beanie hat as a first attempt. I'd like to knit it top down so that I can decide how long to knit it as I go along and then decide whether to knit earflaps or not.

I can't work out how to start it though. The top/crown of a hat in double-knitting. A double-knit i-cord for a couple of rows then carry on from there? I can feel some experimentation coming on.

Any thoughts/ideas anyone? I can find a top-down earflap hat pattern (one free from Interweave recently) and numerous earflap and beanie hat patterns (in the same free pattern compilation, on Ravelry and else-web).

ETA (edited to add): I have an idea of how to start! Start the two 'layers' of hat separately knitting in the round to make two concave/convex circles and then, once they are both large enough (maybe 30 stitches each or so, starting with 3 or 6 stitches each and increasing 3 or 6 times every other round) I combine them to form the double-knitting, knitting the rest of the hat in the round (until the ear-flaps if I add them).
Tags: designing, knitting

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