Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"Cyberspace When You’re Dead"

Cyberspace When You’re Dead -

I actually think about this a lot. I think this is at least the second time I have blogged about it.
  • Who will pay my flickr pro fees when I am gone (because my photos will not be visible if it is not paid for) and/or should I make a gallery on the boxen instead?

  • How best to leave my logins in my will - which would mean getting around to writing a new will.

  • Who would be likely to be interested in being my digital curator.

  • Drafting a message to post to all my forums, blogs, WoW accounts and so on in case of my death.

Yes, this may seem to be a morbid blog topic, but with so little in the way of physical posessions these days, my online presence is more and more who I am.

I also realise that I do not have anywhere near the following that the Mac in the article had but I would like to know that my online presence might exist after I am gone. I do need to find a way to pass on my logins, passwords, and instructions about what fees (e.g. flickr) would need to continue to be paid. Yes, this livejournal is a permanent account but what happens when livejournal is no longer here? All rhetorical but something I think about.

"…future historians. They surely won’t be poring over as many physical documents as today’s historians do, and surely the granular documentation of life in the 21st century, in digital form, is unprecedented. Fragile digital selves, then, represent a potential loss to the future. "
Tags: death, legacy, link
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