Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

War Paint

Tattoo Culture & the Armed Fores
Photography by Kyle Cassidy"
War Paint

I was looking at the photos and reading the interview snippets with the servicemen and women and I read something that struck me. I have been wanting to get a tattoo but not been able to decide what to get and where to get it. One of the interviewees said something about tattoos being about identity and I suddenly realised that this photograph of a puffin is one that I ise as an avatar/userpic almost everywhere online. I really want to get this as a tattoo. I am thinking on the inside of my left forearm, towards the elbow, not the wrist.

Other ideas that I have been tossing around have been something with a cat/tiger/feline, magpie, raptor/hawk/owl, dragon, kanji for "strength" or "health" and I also love Celtic knotwork and round designs. Who knows, once I have one (if/when I can afford it and/or am brave enough), I might get more. I was also tempted by my dandelion clock icon/photo but think the puffin (with or without the hills/grass/flowers) will make a more stunning tattoo.

Do those of you with tattos think that this might work?

Do any of you do tatto design and might be willing to help me with a design?

Does anyone know of a great tattoo artist in London, Brighton or somewhere else in the south east of England that they can recommend from personal experience (and/or experience of someone close to them that they trust)?
Tags: puffin, tatto

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