Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

An idea for LJ writer's block

I have just had an idea after filling in my latest Writer's Block answer. I could maybe use these often idiotic and rarely relevant to my life questions as fiction writing prompts as opposed to memoir writing prompts and answer the question(s) from the point of view of a fictional character. I am not saying that I will do this and I am not saying that I will use this LJ account (although I likely will, it being a permanent account - I would just need a ways to tag/flag them as fictional). I am merely saying that the idea is intriguing and tempting. I am even tempted to go back through the various LJ WB archives (qotdarchive.bml, writersblock, rpwritersblock and ljswritersblock) and do just this. It would get me writing again, I suppose…
Tags: writer's block

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