Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-05-2011

  • 04:28:46: Unhapy guts again. #stillawake too. Think I am eating too much wheat these days but it is so much cheaper than DFGF bread, etc.
  • 04:32:37: Need something warm. Going to make #tea. Tempted to make soup too, seeing as I am wide awake, but I had better not - knives and hobs, etc. …
  • 04:43:38: I think I need to start logging everything that I eat here so that I can see what upsets my guts or if it is just the MonSter being random.
  • 04:44:19: So things on this Twitter stream might start to get TMI and/or tedious. Advance warning and all that.
  • 04:58:53: #colpermin
  • 06:00:32: Splitting headache so the last of the #tea with #cocodamol and then i will try #bed to see if I can sleep.
  • 14:31:34: #wakingup
  • 17:19:19: #copaxone LTU 1400, #meds1 & #meds2 then too. #meal1 now = wheat english muffins + pâté. Need more DFWF options for bad gut days. #tea
  • 17:20:02: Also need to chop veggies and cook soup. Maybe when hubby can help and/or I feel less wobbly.
  • 17:21:37: My sinuses hate me and I am also coughing a lot. I think that I am < my usual 100% healthy (where my usual is way < 100% already).
  • 18:03:50: #nap

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