Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Another memoir comment made else-LJ

Mum's parents had a room in their big old Buckingshire country Farmhouse (Grandpa was a Landowner, Gentleman Farmer and Local Councillor), the Dining Room, that was rarely used for dining. We would eat at the huge (seats twenty) kitchen table which was larger than the Dining Room table and where they often also catered for the farm hands. We were allowed in the Dining Room (yes, it was spoken with capitals) because it was used so rarely that Granny used it for doing crafts and that is where a lot of the books and toys were kept. We were regularly reminded, though, not to scratch any of the lovely dark oak furniture in there.

It was also lovely and quiet but for the atmospheric tick of the clock - all rooms in that house (bar the bathroom and separate loos) had mantlepiece clocks on the fireplace mantles. Ah memories.

Sorry for the diversion, but 'song's mention of the Parlor/parlour reminded me of the Dining Room.

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