Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Copied from a comment else-LJ

Yeah, we went to mum's for Boxing Day and she gave us roasted vegetables as a side dish. She added well fried onions in the process of roasting the veg. She knows that onion is one of the foods that trigger my IBS.
"Yes but it is only a small amount and it is well cooked?!"
Yes, onion upsets her stomach in larger amounts and if it is not cooked well enough. I. AM. NOT. YOU. MUM!
She at least did not put any dairy in anything this time.
I tried to explain that onion has a biochemical in it (I forget its name) that shallots do not have and that cooking with onion, even if I eat around it, means that substance gets onto the other food in the same casserole and MAKES. ME. ILL. FOR. A. WEEK. Which it has. And we are eating there again tomorrow. Ah well, exmas and New Year only happen once a year…
Although the last time she and I went to visit my gran and mum brought food to reheat it ended up being fish poached IN. MILK.
Maybe she will understand it one day. Then again, she is not getting any younger.
*does not hold breath*
*copies comment to a post on my LJ because I have forgotten to blog about it*
Tags: family, food, ibs, mum

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