Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

PSA: Do not spam my LJFriends!

If I un-friend you (anyone, the generic 'you') and/or ban you, do NOT spam my other LJFriends with PMs. I have un-friended and/or banned you for a good reason. I have too many drama-llamas in my life right now and don't need any more. I don't want my LJFriends getting any extra drama from you, either.

As for the LJFriends that are getting PMs from someone complaining that I un-friended them and/or banned them;
a) please don't bother telling me.
b) I suggest that you do the same (i.e. un-friend/ban them).
c) if they are not on your LJFriends and you are accepting PMs from them, I suggest you only accept PMs from LJFriends but YMMV, I guess.

I may end up postdating this entry in the future so that it always appears at the top.

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Tags: ljdrama

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