Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-01-2010

  • 04:06:06: #meal3 eaten. #meds4 hours ago after #meal2. Sya==tarting to feel sleepy. Orthoptist appointment tomorrow. Off to bed. #alarm set for 11:30.
  • 12:43:04: #wakingup even though it turns out that I forgot to set my alarm.
  • 13:58:35: Cancelled/postponed orthoptist appointment due to snow.
  • 15:46:34: Still #toocold despite double layers of clothing. Hopefully adding duvet and blankets will help. #nap
  • 18:34:20: #wakingup Woken by Smudge. No Smudge, it is NOT 18:00 yet! Also, it is still too brassic outside the duvet!

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