Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


YA Authors You've Never Heard Of: Community

Second in importance to family is community. When creating believable characters, the writer considers what community that character will belong to/identify with. Often ‘community’ will default to a town or city, but in YA novels the default is normally ‘school’. And then further down into cliques.

My comment:
A tricky one for me. I have never belonged to (or felt comfortable within) a clique and have always had few friends (one or two if any). I tend to write loners/outsiders if/when I write because that is who/what I was/am. Then again, the clique setup was probably less solid when/where I was at school (80s/UK) than in the US. I do wonder if there would be a market/readership for such stories, though.
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