Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-27-2010

  • 02:45:28: Off to #bed.
  • 04:28:18: It is so cold despite multiple fleece blankets, being fully clothed and wearing gloves in bed. Keep fumbling my sleep roll! #stillawake
  • 04:32:52: Putting on second sweater and second pair of socks. Heading down to make some tea. Giving up trying to get to sleep.
  • 04:43:16: Now also wearing my fleece beanie hat and a buff as a neckwrap. Starting to warm up after walking downstairs, making tea and walking back up
  • 04:44:25: #knitting helps as well, even if it is only garter stitch (with occasional increases and decreases). #webreading too.
  • 11:22:33: Okay - having failed to sleep earlier, I am starting to feel sleepy again so I am off to #bed to try to sleep now instead.
  • 11:35:32: Just as I get into bed, doorbell rings. Grab bathrobe and wobble down the 2 staircases. Jehovah's Witnesses. Said they'd read our notice …
  • 11:38:01: … about stairs and being disabled bur rang bell anyway. Need to add to notice. Something about no cold callers selling religion or ANYTHING!
  • 11:40:19: That and get one about, "Our gods would eat your god," with a picture of the Lovecraftian pantheon. Back in #bed now.
  • 16:58:34: #wakingup
  • 19:14:02: #feedingcats
  • 19:18:26: While I remember, #meds1 #meds2 #copaxone LH 1610 & #meal1=porridge.
  • 19:42:30: Splitting #headache #paincount=5 #cocodamol
  • 19:43:40: Rooibos #tea
  • 21:00:58: Apparently so! RT @nobleday @natdaylog when you're working your way to heaven no one else matters!!! #disrespect #JWs #coldcallers
  • 22:10:08: *relieved sigh* painkillers start to work. Should probably make myself another meal. #meal2
  • 22:17:02: Off to make #meal2 and then watch some tv and do some #kniting.

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