Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-25-2010

  • 04:56:52: Oh, HAI THER 4am! /me puts down knitting and heads off to #bed
  • 05:02:01: Forgot to add, #meal2 was at about midnight; pitta and pâté.
  • 11:58:42: #wakingup
  • 12:09:34: Set my alarm for 1030 so that I would see hubby for part of the day at least. Ended up snoozing it for almost 30 mins.
  • 12:40:20: #meds1 & #meds2. Can't do #copaxone until 1355 or later because they have to be 20+ hours apart and yesterday's was at 1755. Hope I remember
  • 14:03:02: Bunged up, full of cold and achy. #lemsip12HR
  • 14:06:05: @nobleday It is in the patient notes in each box that I get, here in the UK. "…at least 20 hours apart" or words to that effect.
  • 14:08:51: @nobleday P.S. How did you get your nice orange UK MSSoc ribbon on your Twitter icon?
  • 14:13:55: Support Beat MS with the MS Society, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -
  • 14:15:41: Ugh. #twibbon Lets you move the twibbon on your icon but then moves it back and ignores you. :( #bugreport
  • 14:23:53: #toocold Knitting with gloves on and blanket over knees. Better have #meal1 some porridge, I suppose.
  • 14:55:36: Tea, porridge, gloves and blanket have helped / are helping a little but I still feel #toohot and #toocold at the same time. Must have cold.
  • 15:01:28: Okay now life's just getting weird. The iMac's built in flat screen seems to be flickering to me like a CRT at the wrong refresh rate would.
  • 15:02:19: I guess that means imminent visual migraine. YAY. NOT! :(
  • 15:14:05: I may have to put life on hold and adjourn to the duvet-fort because now reality/life/view-out-of window is also strobing.
  • 15:23:59: Yup. #bed #nap
  • 15:33:00: #cocodamol too.
  • 18:17:58: I seem to be #wakingup despite being able to breathe best on my back with the bed bent/raised and my #nozovent in. Drains my sinuses.
  • 18:20:32: Everything still aches. #paincount only =3, though.
  • 21:12:59: Heated up yummy spaghetti and meatballs in microwave. Promptly dropped it all over floor so had to bin it. Luckily another in fridge. #ms
  • 21:16:09: I knew there was a reason I rarely even microwave. #clumsycow #ms

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