Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Starting another pair of socks

Yes, I know I have not photographed any finished objects for months, let alone the last pair of socks (but that would give the game away as they are a gift). I am starting another pair for myself (despite having a long list of things to knit from stash for xmas gifts). To copy/paste from the public Ravelry project that I have just created:

I find this heel style intriguing. My first successful socks knitted were toe-up with short-row toes and heels (in my mind, then, that was what socks were supposed to be like because bought socks were like that and that was all I had ever learned).

I then learned the toe-up heel-flap and increased-from-Judy's-Magic-Cast-on toes used in this book and can see why some people prefer a heel flap for durability when wearing shoes.

Now I am going to try this unusual looking heel style to find out how comfortable it is. I don't walk around much in shoes (or shoes with enclosed heels, at least) being mainly house-bound, but I will be sure to try them out with shoes and walking around.

I am going to be knitting the instep and leg with a 2x2 rib rather than totally plain stocking stitch as per the pattern.

Another change/adaptation is that the pattern calls for 4 x DPNs and I will be knitting using magic-loop and so only using one needle that has two needle-ends. Hopefully I can rewrite the pattern in my head on the fly without making too many mistakes!

I have already (in the last hour) knit the toe and started on the foot.

ETA: An errata from Wendy's website:

Page 39: Gusset Heel Basic Socks

On page 39, the last sentence in the middle column should say: Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until you have 28(32) stitches each on needles 3 and 4. Then add the sentence “Work across needles 1 and 2.”

After the heel turn in the third column, the numbers you end up with should be 32 (36) — not the 32 (34) that is stated there.
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