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  • Wed, 17:22: @nubenu going with the new number would mean remembering to let a lot of people know what it is…
  • Wed, 17:24: RT @mcglk Dang. Awake after two hours of sleep. So frustrating. << This also happens to me. A lot. *hugs*
  • Wed, 17:25: RT @MSRC: Learn more about MSRC's Give As You Live™ new online shopping before the launch on Dec.1st #multi ...
  • Wed, 19:30: I just caught the end of the Simpsons episode "Girls just want to have sums." "Thick as a brick" by Jethro Tull was the end titles music! ☺♬
  • Wed, 23:18: "Sparrow Hill Road 2010" by @seananmcguire I have read the first six so far since last night & I can't stop reading!
  • Thu, 00:41: "Sparrow Hill Road 2010 - The Edge of Propinquity" A great series of short ghost stories by @seananmcguire I recommend!
  • Thu, 02:35: Oh @seananmcguire. I have just finished reading Sparrow Hill Road 2010 and part 11 of 11 was even more perfect than the rest!
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    Testing CellSpin as a way to post to LJ from the iPhone ETA: Well, that worked perfectly!

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    Sun, 20:00: LOL!

  • My tweets

    Sat, 14:10: .@ YodelOnline I just got a text saying that my parcel was left in my safe place and there is a card through my door. There is no…

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