Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Flying anywhere seems to be a thing of my past

I commented on a post from rm within which she linked to "Internet rage over new TSA policies are absolutely, positively making the news". My comment:

Lets just say that, however much I would love to visit my friends in Seattle again, I am never flying in or around the US again with these TSA rules as they stand. Maybe never flying anywhere again if the UK embrace these draconian rules. Let me get this straight - I have the choice of an x-ray scan (when I already have already had many too many x-rays and other scans in recent years that are of medical necessity) or a pat-down which is an invasion of my personal space and amounts to a traumatic sexual assault to someone with PTSD? Yeah, NO. :((

ETA another comment on this subject from a public post about the subject made by marypcb:

You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but I and many others with PTSD from sexual assault (which may have been full on rape or 'merely' unwanted groping on the underground) would consider this to be unwanted groping and thus both triggering and sexual assault. I will not be consenting to the scan or the groping (whether they call it a pat down or not, they do apparently pat and squeeze tits and groins) and so therefore will not be able to travel by plane in the US (or anywhere else that uses these 'security' methods). I have nothing to hide but also cannot agree to either 'choice' in these situations. I am sure you saw my LJ post about this which may or may not have prompted your rant here but, in case you didn't, here is a link. (Linked back to this post).

ETA2: Some more links to blogs and articles about this issue:
TSA encounter at SAN by John Tyner

tfcocs's take on all this after her recent trips.
Tags: assault, flying, ptsd, tsa, x-rays

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