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Ravelry: natalieford's Diagonal Lace Socks

I am using to work out how long to make the socks for a UK size 6. If size = (3 x length) - 25 in inches then length = (size + 25) ÷ 3 so if size = 6 then length needs to be 10.3333 recurring inches. Therefore I need to knit 7.3333” before I start the gusset increases.

I hope that works and my algebra/maths fu is strong today.

I would rather use cm/mm/metric but the calculation is in inches and so I will just have to cope!

I am a little concerned that my sock does not look a lot like the ones pictured in the book but I am knitting the 66 st (S/M) size with the five row lace chart / stitch pattern and I expect that the ones in the book are the 74 st (L), 6 row chart version.

I am also a little confused about why the chart rows are numbered using odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) when I am knitting in the round. I did wonder for a while if that meant I was supposed to knit a plain round in between but am knitting in the round and assuming that 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 means round1, round2, round3, round4 and round5.

Oh bum. I have just discovered the errata. That is exactly what I was supposed to do! :(

“Erratum: The note on page 52 should read: ‘The pattern repeat for this chart is 10 (12) rows. Note that only odd-numbered rows are shown. On even-numbered rows, knit the knits and purl the purls.’”

frogs and restarts

Ravelry: natalieford's Diagonal Lace Socks (public project)

I have now turned the heel on the second sock and so it is all progressing nicely.
Tags: knitting, ravelry

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