Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-10-2010

  • 00:30:27: Annoyingly, hungry. Will snack. #alarm set for 0830 to go to see my MS neurologist. I hope we make it this time!
  • 01:47:36: Putting down the knitting, stepping away from GoogleReader and, hopefully, off to #bed and sleep.
  • 05:14:37: Woken by aspirating / choking on reflux. Oh yay.
  • 05:50:35: …and, of course, now I am wide awake and can't switch off my mind enough to sleep. #pepcidtwo has helped sooth and calm the cough at least.
  • 05:51:14: *soothe
  • 07:38:02: …and now my bladder is getting in on the "don't let Natalie get any more sleep" game by lying to me about needing the loo. #facepalm
  • 09:39:39: #wakingup Woken by alarm.
  • 09:40:11: So tired and achy.
  • 18:08:07: Home from 6monthly MS Neuro appointment and seeing mum (it's her birthday). Both went okay. Can't have Sativex though, sadly. Funding FTL. ☹
  • 18:12:12: #nap now. Sorry cats. Your other hoomin-minyun-of-da-oposubbl-thums will be home from Tesco soon to feed you.
  • 20:40:21: #wakingup

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