Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-02-2010

  • 02:32:12: #builtmeds at about 2330. Took #meds4 when I remembered at about 0030.
  • 03:50:28: Off to #bed.
  • 11:35:53: #wakingup woken by bladder.
  • 16:08:42: Time for a hopefully spoon-replenishing #nap.
  • 18:24:27: #wakingup with words in my head…
  • 19:01:23: Just now managing to sit up, swing my legs down and put my feet in my flip flops. Cats yelling at me to GIMME FUDZ NAO! Once stairs-safe?
  • 19:03:58: Made it to the desk/chair/mac and have put on more clothes. Sorry cats, still too wobbly to go down stairs to the kitchen.
  • 19:20:57: Left elbow & wrist #paincount=7. Nagging and sometimes stabbing pain. Worse since the car crash of Wed08Sep10. Finger unstrapped now though.
  • 19:21:17: #cocodamol

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