Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-31-2010

  • 01:58:45: #wakingup from the depths of a dream, as seems to be my wont, and I am now, of course, wide awake.
  • 03:53:19: #overheating/#melting. Wearing headphones to listen to music while I knit and read just makes me even hotter. Need all my hair cut off.
  • 04:37:29: Turns out I may have woken up because I was hungry. I always sleep better when full up, like a baby. Rectified by eating a #snack/#minimeal.
  • 05:13:17: Starting to feel sleepy again. Neck is doing that dripping/clicking thing again as well. Going back to #bed once I finish my row, honest!
  • 05:29:17: Wobbling to the loo before getting back into #bed. Hearing Tawny owls hoo-hoooo-ing and the dawn chorus start through the bathroom window.
  • 10:43:03: #wakingup Woken by bladder.
  • 13:55:26: #breakfast, finally, 3 hours (or so) after waking up.
  • 15:00:10: Can barely stay awake. It is sweaty/muggy in here. *opens window*
  • 15:02:40: #weatherhead #paincount=5 #cocodamol
  • 15:16:43: Windy/upset/crampy guts.
  • 16:09:46: Just as the #weatherhead started to lessen through the action of #cocodamol, another headache / eye-strain-like-pain starts …
  • 16:11:48: …and I realise that I have been smelling chorine bleach for about an hour, again. Cl₂ and I do not get on after too much exposure at school.
  • 16:13:10: #nausea ensues from the Cl₂ / bleach stench as well. Oh yay. #nap is predicated. Required.
  • 16:16:07: …and, now, my stomach picks its time to tell me it is hungry again. Whilst #nausea is also stalking me. #headdesk
  • 16:18:07: I will try to #nap but it is never easy when #nausea or hunger have me in their clutches, let alone both. Couldn't eat when like this NEway.
  • 16:29:54: Sucking a mint is helping vs nausea and vs stench.
  • 19:18:43: #wakingup

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