Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-25-2010

  • 00:48:31: Yet again the @twitter app on the iPhone dies just as I get towards he end of typing a tweet and, of course, I can't remember it. #bugreport
  • 00:50:00: @twitter Please make the iPhone app save to a draft as I type, that gets automatically discarded once it is successfully posted!
  • 10:07:25: RT @mssocietyuk: Margaret Lynch, who has MS, tackles Nick Clegg and David Cameron on spending review - well done Margaret ...
  • 10:31:51: @sbisson indeed - I just found it!
  • 10:34:06: I do, however, miss the Twitter app's facility to pick from a list of previously tweeted #hashtags. Maybe I just have not found it yet?
  • 15:19:50: RT @natdaylog: #nap, assuming I can wrest custody of my bed from Smudge:
  • 18:19:52: RT @matociquala: Dear #AVG: It was good for a long time, but since you have become malware, I am so done with you. Signed, another loyal ...
  • 18:23:48: RT @seananmcguire: I woke up when Alice started trying to eat my index finger. Alice did not wake up when she started trying to eat my i ...
  • 18:26:58: @echofon Unable to fave tweets. "Incorrect signature." Weird and unhelpful error message. #bugreport

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