Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

In other, related, news

ETA: Got an icon that will do the trick for now (see userpic on this post).

I need to make myself an icon (or maybe someone else has one I can use?) that says "My god would eat your God!" on it with a picture of Cthulhu1.

Then all I would need to do is make room for it in my icons (currently uploaded: 204 out of 204).

1That was the slogan I suggested to hubby one day to paste on our door to deter JWs after he had been woken by them ringing the doorbell and had traipsed all the way down two flights of stairs (in case it was an urgent meds delivery or something) only to have the people at the door want to save his imperilled soul. Hubby is not atheist like me but does play Call of Cthulhu…
Tags: icons, userpics

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