Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[edited] I have had to lock down another part of my LJ

Okay, that was weird.

When hubby and I got back from our appointment this morning, there was an unsealed / never sealed letter on the doormat for me. It had a UK stamp on it. I would say the name it was signed from but suffice to say it was not a name that I recognise from any face-to-face meeting. Yes, I may have forgotten them. It is hardly someone I would call a close non-internet face-to-face friend. I will just call them M* here.

The postmark was Glasgow. I do have the full address as well as the full name but will not post them publicly.

Suffice to say that it was a two sided screed containing bible verses and references, the words "If you were to check up these things in your own BIBLE, you will see its all true." (sic) and two Jehova's Witness (JW) flyers. It is needless for me to say that, as someone who is pretty atheist and definitely not keen on being preached at, this is all very annoying.

I was wondering how this M* got my address and then I remembered the friends-only contact details post that is linked from my profile here on LJ. I guess that, in wanting to read about others' lives on LJ, I had added someone who decided that I was in need for SAAAAVING!!! *sigh*

I have now created an LJFriendsGroup (called Trusted) and have added people to it that I either know in Real Life ™, that I have been LJFriends with for a long time or that I trust with my contact details. That post is now friends-group-locked to that group.

Please, if I have missed adding you to that group and you cannot see our contact details, if you feel that you should be in that group, let me know by commenting here.

Also, if you are the M* that sent this hateful-to-me letter (I have not written about the scars that organised religion have left me with, as yet) do own up and apologise, if you are brave enough.

If anyone wants to leave me anonymous comments that I deem to be spam or hateful, they will be deleted.

Regardless, all comments on this post are screened and so you can reply here without anyone other than me reading your comment. If you are happy for me to reply to your comment and so un-screen it, let me know.

ETA: Thank you to the 10+ commenters saying that this was creepy and they they are sorry this has happened to me. Thus far M* has not stepped up to own their actions here. In one comment below I wrote:

I am trying to work out if there is any other way that she could have got my address than through LJ in this way. I am also trying to work out how to search my list of LJFriends by real-name and/or address to track her down.
Tags: atheist, humanist, livejournal, privacy

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