Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-18-2010

  • 01:20:24: Still awake. #guts still unhappy as they have been all day. I guess I should take #colpermin. Took #meds4 at about 2300.
  • 04:35:09: The tap-dripping noise is back at the back of my neck/throat/head. No idea what causes it but it's like a joint that wants to crack/pop.
  • 04:36:20: Smudge finished her fudz earlier as I made my dinner / after-midnight meal. Off to #bed now.
  • 14:07:53: #wakingup Finally managing to push through the sandman's dunes to reach the air.
  • 14:13:06: #guts still not happy.
  • 22:16:44: Yummy dinner, good TV and then heartburn and stress trigger. Oh well.

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