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And another thing (or two)

I am going to have to stop lj-cut-ting my twitter posts because I cannot search my LJ for their contents when they are cut. I apologise if this makes you mad but, as ever, if there is anything in this LJ that you don't want to read, please feel free to scroll on past or un-'friend' me. I write this LJ for me and know that there are some of you that find it interesting and helpful.

Thing the second: I realised this evening whilst building another week's medications/pills into their organisers that the evening is when I am most alert and awake and so this is a much better time to build the meds than first thing upon waking up and finding that I do not have any already built because, at that point I am dizzy, clumsy and befuddled. Yeah, I know, no-brainer but it has taken me literally YEARS to come to this stunning realisation! D'oh!
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