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Every Day Is Exactly The Same

Post subject line is the title of the song I am listening to.

I have a blog/LJ post percolating but it is all a bit too raw and I would only end up ranting and raving. I would prefer to let it simmer and write about it later, if I remember and still find it an interesting/important subject. Otherwise you will not have missed much of any importance!

In the meantime, I have also been thinking about posting some of the memoirs that I wrote down when doing NaNoWriMo in 2005, either with or without editing them. There are a load more in my head that I have not yet written down. This will all never be published any other way and so I may as well publish to the web using my LJ.

Likewise, I am considering posting my 2009 attempt as a web serial, with or without finishing it. Maybe posting both will give me some momentum to write more. I know for sure that one person at the time expressed interest in reading it having read the plot summary that I posted.

What do you think?
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