Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 00:20:12: Oh yay. We seem to have fallen off the intarwebz.
  • 00:47:37: RT @postsecret: Every wonder what it's like for the bullies when they grow up? Yeah, "It Gets Worse". (video) @thed ...
  • 00:49:27: Have tried power cycling the ADSL router but to no avail. Also only "o" data not "E" or "3G" on my iPhone (O2).
  • 01:21:43: With no web or WoW I am listening to spoken word podcasts like Flash Fiction Online whilst knitting. Much better than screaming boredom! ;-)
  • 03:50:24: RT @mollydotcom: The longer I live, the less I'm understood.
  • 03:51:05: @mollydotcom Me too m'dear, me too.
  • 03:52:07: Still no web or WoW and finally getting sleepy.
  • 14:17:15: RT @AbsolutLaudanum: I feel sick. << Avatard blue cosplay onesie, yours for $400! (via @nubenu) Oh dear…
  • 23:58:00: "How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?” “It's a really obscure number, you probably haven't heard of it.” (via @postsecret)

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