Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-06-2010

  • 05:37:12: Finally sleepy so #bed.
  • 13:15:02: #wakingup
  • 13:56:19: Just realised that I did not take #meds4 last night and that is why I did not get sleepy until so late. I am also forgetting to daylog.
  • 13:59:07: #meds1 and #meds2. Need to get #copaxone out of the fridge and #buildmeds later. Wish I could fully wake up. Hoping to see friend later.
  • 14:10:40: #copaxone RTU 1410. Turns out I still had one in the case but I got another seven out of the fridge anyway. Also got green+mint tea.
  • 14:22:44: #melting hot even with the space-heater dualG5 tower turned off for days now. 24ºC and 55% humidity on my desk.
  • 14:41:40: Going to try to #shower.
  • 15:11:00: #shower ed and dressed. #melting again despite a pretty cool shower.
  • 15:15:30: #melting despite not drinking my tea yet. Showering and dressing uses a lot of #spoons! ;-p
  • 15:28:37: Fingers still not strapped after my shower. Still sore if I stretch the pinky out but I will see how it goes and only re-strap if it hurts.
  • 15:29:29: Knitting and typing are a lot easier with all fingers unstrapped. Lets see if it starts to hurt.

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