Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 09-28-2010

  • 12:35:38: Wondering what this #xmarks is that people are tweeting about shutting down in Jan. Will have to google when at the iMac/keyboard.
  • 12:44:13: Ah - I use #FirefoxSync and #delicious not #xmarks. I had never heard of the latter. TY to the people who replied.
  • 13:08:07: #wishlist "KNIT WELL Prescription STITCH MARKERS for knitting by scarymerry" WANT! ;-p
  • 13:49:43: Knit hats for Seafarers (yarn supplied) (via @StitchLondon) (yarn supplied if you place an order with Landsend)
  • 15:59:58: "a song about Aquaman's unimpressive penis and the Flash's premature ejaculation" via shadesong on LJ ;-p
  • 16:18:59: "Single Dad Laughing: The disease called 'Perfection'" A sobering read. The quest for perfection is a contagious poison.
  • 18:35:20: RT @Queen_UK: Emma Thompson on the phone: wanting to check a few "Queen's English" queries. Have told her to "bog off" for a laugh.
  • 18:36:08: RT @Queen_UK: Jesus, will Ed Miliband mention his brother in every speech? One is having MI6 look into the nature of that relationship.
  • 18:36:24: RT @urbandaily: Auto Incorrect - When the auto-correct feature on your iPod Touch or iPhone tries to correct your spelling, ... - http:/ ...

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