Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Childhood diaries

rm linked to "Girl on a Whaleship! In 1868 a six-year-old girl went with her family on a 3-year whaling voyage and kept a journal, now scanned in and available online."

The diary entries remind me of the diary that I wrote the year we sent in the US when I was 5-6 (.PDF download). My infants teacher in the UK suggested that mum got me to write a diary paragraph every day while we were in the US because they were concerned that I would be in kindergarden and not in school, as I was in the UK. I guess they were worried that I would get behind and that my spelling would "suffer".

I am, though, forever grateful that mum made me write these diary entries — it has helped to me remember the time we spent over there.
Tags: diaries
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