Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 09-16-2010

  • 13:33:01: Waking up. Very wobbly. Left elbow #paincount=7.
  • 14:32:17: #copaxone LH 1430
  • 15:21:39: #breakfast DFGF breakfast muffin from Tesco and Alpro Soya yoghurt. Moroccan mint green tea.
  • 15:23:19: #painkillers #cocodamol30mg500mg and #ibuprofen400 Maybe that will help with the elbow pain. Weirdly, hyperextending the elbow reduces it.
  • 15:24:47: #meds1 and #meds2
  • 15:25:55: Won't need/take #meds3 today. That is extra modafinil/provigil and ubidecarenone (CoQ10) that I take on days I need to be awake all day.
  • 18:50:04: #snack a bag of Baked.
  • 23:28:56: #meds4 and dinner earlier (DFGF chicken korma cooked by hubby). Alarm set for 7 am for 09:20 GP appointment and others during day.
  • 23:31:54: Hoping that worse vertigo and worsened/varied double vision will improve over night. Just finishing up a few emails etc. then off to bed.
  • 23:39:11: Forgot to use the #dinner hashtag in my earlier tweet about the yummy DFGF chicken korma that hubby cooked tonight.
  • 23:45:48: Off to bed. Hot rooibos tea helped me both warm up and get sleepy.

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