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From Twitter 09-07-2010

  • 00:46:10: @sbisson Thanks for the hugs. Much calmer now. Life, eh? Who'd have it?
  • 01:11:47: Comfort knitting, tinking and reknitting.
  • 01:15:33: "Made … 'The Guide to Art Schools' 50 Best Online Photography Portfolios. http://bit.ly/aMwXHy" (via @SarahVKane) Congratulations!
  • 01:16:08: Now comfort hand-winding yarn into centre pull balls. ;-p
  • 03:00:06: When I am gone I want all of my writing, photos, etc. to be made public in some way, e.g. making my private/locked LJ posts public. Print?
  • 03:00:52: I'd love for my private paper diaries to be scanned and displayed as well. Those that still exist, of course.
  • 03:01:31: I wonder why it is important to me that someone remember me after I am gone - that people know what has happened to me in my life…
  • 03:02:06: I wish that I had the energy to write my autobiography. I think I need a ghost writer. ;-p
  • 14:53:40: animadversion: MyDictionary.com Word of the Day: harsh criticism or disapproval http://bit.ly/csORer (via @MyWOTDcom) Oh the irony.
  • 15:17:35: "Little Gamers – Hot Swedish Love » You need to keep up" http://j.mp/bKUxmV Oh the relevant irony. Part 2.
  • 18:59:35: RT @postsecret: "Dance like the photo's not being tagged, Love like you've never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody's following." RT @Pe ...
  • 19:21:31: Am jealous of ppl that have good relationships with your parents, e.g. hubby. Have to give up trying to get mine to understand me & move on.

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Sep. 8th, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)
I have the same feelings about things I write - and have considered the same things you are about making my writings public after I'm gone. Yet -- I am not quite ready to make that request. I think it requires - for me - that I think more about it and what my motivations are for my desire to do this. I also think it begs the question why I don't make it all public NOW - - while I'm still alive. Is it fear? If so, why am I so scared of being "known" - - or more accurately, the fallout from being "known"? Is the reason I want to make this all public once I'm dead is that there is no way I could respond - and my fear of that confrontation? This is starting to feel accurate (for me), and then my motivation to make it public would then just be "selfish".

I also wonder if it would hurt the ones I love to have some of this made known after my death, as there could be no discussion with me about them. How frustrating and hurtful for them, which could turn to anger! If I were to allow some of these things to be known during my life, maybe things could be discussed or resolved. Or not. But - whatever the case, the relationships would more real, whether better or worse, because I'd been more open.

Plus -- I also believe that some things are best never shared - ever. I once had a good friend give me some advice about the decisions one makes as to whether to say something potentially hurtful to another person. One needs to ask whether it's truly necessary that this person know this information. Will that information make for a better or more honest relationship? If not -- then it's best to keep it to yourself.
Sep. 8th, 2010 12:53 pm (UTC)
I think it's perfectly sensible to want to know that we've made some impression on the world, some contribution, and to have things around that people will look and say oh, I remember them. I never knew my grandmother except from my mother's stories about her, but I have her jug and her picture of hyacinths and her embroidery silks and I like knowing they were hers and they were part of how she expressed herself.
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