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"Shortly before the release of Cataclysm a patch will be released in which PowerPC processor based Macs will no longer be supported. This update indicates the removal of PowerPC support from World of Warcraft. Attempting to run the game after the update will bring up a message stating the hardware is no longer supported, and the game will not run."</a>

So, wait, Blizzard are telling me that I have to buy a new Apple Mac otherwise I will have to stop playing WoW even if I do not buy Cataclysm?! Way to lose customers that can afford Cata and a monthly fee but have no way of funding a purchase like a new Intel Mac.


At that point I will no longer be able to play WoW whether I do or do not buy the Cataclysm expansion. Unless I can steal hubby's intel-iMac-with-weird-blown-pixels-in-stripes-on-the-screen and cope with the headaches that using that screen/machine to play WoW causes.

This makes me not want to bother playing at all NOW and getting any progress on my 3 x 80 toons. Why even bother levelling the other toons to 80, either? Heh.

Maybe we will win the lottery. Buying me a new mac with a decent gaming video card is SO not likely to be possible otherwise and hubby hates having to support a peecee/windoze box.

ETA: We are working towards funding an intel mac for me - there is other software that I would find useful that only runs on the newer macs, as well (e.g. Mac Speech). This just moves the "Buy Nat an intel Mac (with decent video card and ram) when we have enough cash," to "Nat could really do with an intel Mac (with decent video card and ram) as soon as possible - or at least by the as yet to be announced (oh yay Blizzard - helpful, much?!) release date of that WoW patch!"

ETA2: I am not allowed to comment in that forum thread when I log in using my account, for some reason so I cannot complain. This may be because I am an EU customer - could some US customers try to complain for me?

ETA3: This is where I found out the news as I do not read the forums myself. (ravelry link)


Also posted on our guild forums.

ETA4: My WoW sig with links to my main 3 toons:

Anaryl (80 DPS Unholy DK; miner/JC)

Lyrana (80 Priest, holy healer, shadow DPS; weeds/shards)

Jadieh (80 MM Hunter; skins/DsLW)

Natalie Ford
Tags: mac, wow

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